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Trust Based Relational Intervention

 I am trained to teach TBRI (Trust Based Relational Intervention) and Circle of Security to your group of parents, teachers or professionals. Both TBRI and Circle of Security have been used nationally and internationally in schools, therapy/counseling, treatment facilities, child care facilities, churches, homes, institutions and orphanages with great success. Both trainings offer practical tools for caregivers and professionals to help bring healing to children through relationship and connection.

What is T.B.R.I.

What is Circle of Security

For more information about Circle of Security visit Circle of Security International's where you can find all kinds of resources including books, videos and blogs.



Where do you offer these trainings

We will travel to your school, facility, church or group to give the training.

How long are the training

Both trainings are offered as either a 1.5 day training or a two day training.

What is the cost of the trainings

Price varies depending on which option and travel distance. Contact us for training costs.


Amber Van Dyke

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