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The term “kids from hard places” is used to describe children who have had a rough start, have experienced trauma of some kind, or have other behavioral issues. Parenting these children can be very challenging and it is often hard for families to find practical help for their children. The mission of Hope is to equip parents to be the number one healing agent in the lives of their children through relational and trust building interventions that are practical and effective.


How do I know if my child's behavior is "normal" or if I need extra help?

Hope offers a free 30 minute consultation to families to answer questions and to determine whether they would like to pursue services.

How can you help?

We do an evaluation with child and parents and create a program specific to that family's needs. We also do "in home" training for families where we work in the home to help address issues. We use the TBRI (Trust Based Parenting Intervention)  model to help train parents to be the primary agent of healing in the life of their child.

How long will you work with me?

Our goal is to work ourselves out of a job with each family. Through teaching/training the parents to be the primary "therapist", we work towards greater and greater victory on the home front between parent and child.

How much does consulting cost?

Charges include an initial evaluation fee and then hourly consulting charges after that.  Feel free to contact us for more information.


Amber Van Dyke

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